Kalmar Annorak Black


Detail :

Kalmar Annorak Jacket fully inspired by Kalmar, a city in the southeast of Sweden. The land and the people houses situated by the cold oceanic climate and the calm of Baltic Sea. Kalmar Annorak Jacket is essential, featured by water resist parachute fabric, cotton layered, lace up hoodie, and kangaroo pocket. Kalmar Annorak Jacket has fully adjustable cest pocket that can change into small bag. Include Kalmar into nearby camping activity starter pack.

- Black Parachute
- Water Resist
- Hoodie
- Cotton layered
- Easy Fit


S chest 55 / length 65
M chest 58 / length 68
L chest 61 / length 71
XL chest 64 / length 74
XXL chest 67 / length 77
3XL chest 70 / length 80
4XL chest 73 / length 83